Our Business, The Founder's Story.

After a decade of extensive sales and
marketing background in Cellular Phones and
Satellite Industries, the founder, Frank Siale,
immersed into the Insurance and Financial
Sectors, also with more than
20 years of
Sales and Marketing experience. There is no
doubt that people we have met, things we
have seen, and client experience have
sharpened our inventiveness and our
creativity sides. Along the way so much
have been learned about what it takes to
build a house and how much beauty is
needed to accommodate the right
structure. The houses we build are designed
for your comfort today with enhanced
future technology in place.

Today, people living abroad from africa are
faced with a major problem undertaking
building projects whiles away. Most people
do not have a reliable and trust worthy
person(s) to take care of these things. Some
people have lost hope to ever completing
their projects because famaily members and
some friends entrusted to do these projects
have embezzled the money and in some
cases, they have used the money to build
their own houses.

Look no further, because we have the
expertise in place to finish your projects at  
reasonable fees. Expertise to include the
Design and Construction Architect,
Structure Engineer, Sustained laborers,
Professional Carpenters, Professional
Bricklayers, Plumbers, Certified Electrician,
and our signature of trust and confidence to
see your projects to completion.

Thank you for your trust and confidence,
and we look forward to helping you, your
friends and families too.
About Us
Our mission statement:
Our aim here at American InterContinental
Products LLC is to provide peace of mind and
value driven comfortable products and services
with transparency throughout the delivery
process. We believe and are bound by the
"Golden Rule" doctrine.   
Frank J. Siale, President & Chief
Marketing Office
Samuel Anim-Bediako, Executive
Vice President Operations &
Business Development
Nelson B. Opoku, Consulting Finance
Thomas Mensah, Architectural
Director, Structural & Engineering